Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gallery Nucleus Baker's Dozen Group Show

I'm excited to be in a group show with 12 talented artists at Gallery Nucleus.

Here's one of my three pieces in the show. This one's called Going Apesh*t.

Exhibit showing: June 11 - July 4th
Reception: June 11th, 7 - 11pm
Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra CA

Exhibiting Artists: Ming Ong, You Byun, Paul Barnes, Brittney Lee, Matte Stephens, Dadu Shin, Catia Chien, Miki Sato, Nicole Gustafsson, Lorena Alverez, Ahren Hertel, Nico Duffaut, Daniela Volpan.

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*lucile* said...

oh i wish i could come! When are you gonna have an exhibit in europe?! pleasseee!